Hyatt Ziva Cancun – Great Family Resort

Cancun. All-Inclusive. Family-Friendly. Dolphins. Sunrise AND Sunset. You have found the right blog post. Hyatt Ziva is the place!

“Let's not talk about going home." Those were the words from our very own teenagers. This is a true story. Here's what has been dubbed the best vacation ever! Let us show you why!

Ziva View of Hotel Zone

All four of our kids patiently waiting for the boarding call.

How Did I Survive as a Teenager without Technology?

Pro Tip: If traveling with kids (even teenagers), we have found it useful to use Ziploc bags for storing clothes for each day. Compressing the air out of the bags helps maximize suitcase space too!

Pro Tip: Use 2 gallon Ziploc Bags

We landed in Cancun and quickly navigated our way through Customs & Immigration. This is the view that awaits you in the transportation area. Don't fret, everyone is there to help. If you have transportation arranged in advance, the driver will be waiting for you with a sign.

We quickly found our driver and loaded up for the 20 minute ride to Hyatt Ziva.

Ok, enough about the journey, let's get to the destination. We arrived! COVID protocols were in effect when we arrived but the experience was very pleasant. 

Hyatt Ziva boast one of the most beautiful entrances of any of the Cancun Resorts. Their location on the northern tip of the traditional “hotel zone" in spectacular. 

The above photo doesn't do justice for the spectacular view. Let's get a little bit closer. I didn't know if I wanted to run to the pool or the ocean first!

The staff at Hyatt Ziva is so welcoming and friendly. We were quickly escorted to the Club Tower for check-in.

Tammy enjoying a glass of champagne - one of many!

We were excited to be in the Club Tower. This was the view from our 3rd floor room looking south towards the hotel zone.

Mr. Oinkster Approves.

Check out this awesome view from a much higher floor!

Wow What A View!

This is the view looking east from yet another room.

View Looking East

We had adjoining rooms with plenty of space for everyone. Having a ceiling fan in each room was wonderful too.

King Size Bed.

The bathrooms are appropriately sized, and the shower is plenty big enough.

Club Tower Bathroom

Staff kept the snacks and refrigerator stocked. Guests can ask for a variety of different items and adjust quantity amounts as needed.

Let's check out the rest of the resort property. The kids loved the pools the best. In fact, we rank Hyatt Ziva pools #1 overall for families among all the hotel zone and Playa Mujeres resorts. The cabana's by the main pool are awesome (extra fee…but worth every penny).

The Pools

The Main Pool

Main Pool Cabana Beds

View from the Sahara Pool

The swim up bar is popular and spacious

Forget Your Float? No Problem.

The Beaches

Enough about the pools, how about the beaches? The great thing about Hyatt Ziva is, being situated at the northern tip of the hotel zone, guests are rewarded with more than one beach option! 

This is the north facing beach. Unlike the south-facing beach on the other side of the property, this beach is isolated from the public. The water isn't as clear as the south-facing beach but with views of the red & white striped lighthouse and the evening sunset frames this beach nicely.

Did I mention the south-facing beach? Wow. Wow. Wow. Protected by a manmade jetty that protects the beach from wave erosion. This beach is accessible by the public but the beach is so large, the public is never an issue. And the Hyatt Ziva staff are constantly making sure the public does not access the resort property. 

Manmade Jetty

This beach offers access to the double-deck family cabana ($199-$249 per day depending on time of year). This was the location of the family cabana we rented one day.

Manmade Jetty

Here's the show stoppers…At Hyatt Ziva, you are rewarded with Sunrises and Sunsets!




Did someone say dolphins?! Yes we did! Everyday you can watch the dolphin swim and play. For an additional fee, you and your family can suit up and play with the dolphins.

@Moods is the exclusive teen-only lounge to hang out. There is a virtual reality simulator! Or they can play pool or foosball. Centrally located, this is a really cool place to just chillout, and it's not hidden in some basement, so it's easy to get too.

Virtual Simulator

Virtual Simulator

Last but not least….FOOD! Our kids loved all the restaurants at Hyatt Ziva. They had everything from pizza, Lasagna (Lorenzo's), Japanese (MoonGate), and Steak (Tradewinds). Tradewinds was also the location of the best breakfast on the property, although the breakfast buffet at El Mercado was great too. 

Tres Cervezas had the BEST hamburger any of us had eaten anywhere (Stateside or abroad).

This is the iconic Chevy's restaurant.

El Mercado's Breakfast Buffet

Craving Japanese? MoonGate is your savory option. You can choose to sit at the grill and watch the “show" (similar to most Japanese Steakhouses) or you can elect for a table off to the side and order of a menu. We chose the show!

One side of Moongate's dining room

Chef had mad skills!

Best Beef Wantons Ever!

And the sweetest place at Hyatt Ziva is definitely Pastels. Check this place out! It was always a great stop for ice cream and other baked goods during the day, and especially after the evening entertainment show each night. 

From our family to yours, we hope you enjoyed this review. If you need any free travel planning services, for Cancun, Disney properties, cruises, or anywhere else, just send us a message!

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