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Disney Alaskan Cruise – Disembarkation Day and Vancouver Sightseeing

In case you missed it, click hereto start with Day 1 of the Trip Report.

Disembarkation Day – Vancouver Sightseeing

This morning our breakfast was scheduled for 7:00am since we were on the Main Dining schedule.  We knew we didn’t have to be off the ship until 9:00am (out of our room by 8:30), so we left our bags in our room and headed to breakfast.  We were sad to say goodbye to Svetlana and Istvan and told them we would be sure to request them as our servers next time we are on the Wonder.   Breakfast went pretty quick, and we went back to the room and did a final sweep of the room before heading out around 8:00am or so.  Walking out we had to stop by this table to pick up the knives they had “confiscated” that we had purchased in Alaska.  Once you return on ship from a port, they take anything you’ve purchased that is not allowed on the ship (such as alcohol or knives, etc) and give you a card with a number on it.  You give that card to the staff at the table to collect your items.  It was a seamless and quick process.

disney cruise item pick up

It was a beautiful sunny day in Vancouver.  We had a Vancouver Delights tour scheduled with LandSea Tours, but we weren’t due to meet the representative until 9:30am.  So we found a bench and just enjoyed the beautiful weather and seeing some behind the scenes action for the Wonder:

disney cruise behind the scenes

disney cruise behind the scenes
Loading food and supplies for the next sailing

disney cruise behind the scenes

About 9:15am we headed to the front entrance to meet our LandSea representative.  He asked us to walk across the street with him just because it was easier for the driver to navigate to that side.  I had done a lot of research, and there was a Vancouver tour that Disney was offering for the same price, but that tour didn’t have as many stops as this tour, and this tour also delivered us to the airport and stored our bags.  They had a regular Vancouver City Tour that was around 4 hours long, and this one (Vancouver Delights Tour) which was 7 hours long.  We didn’t have to be at the airport until 8:00pm, so this one worked perfect for us. 

Vancouver Landsea Tours

Our driver picked us up and then made some stops at a few other hotels and then we were on our way.  Our driver, Summer, was a local and very informative.  Our first stop was at the Granville Public Market.  We had heard this was very similar to Pike Place Market in Seattle which we loved, and this was an accurate description.  In fact, I think I enjoyed Granville Market a little more, and would love to go back and spend a full day there.  We were given an hour to shop, eat, etc.  I wished we had stopped here closer to lunch, because they had so much that looked delicious that I would have loved to try!  We did buy a scone and some chocolate chip cookies to snack on later.  Here are some pics of the market area:

Granville Public Market

Granville Public Market Granville Public Market Granville Public Market Granville Public Market Granville Public Market Granville Public Market Granville Public Market Granville Public Market Granville Public Market Granville Public Market Granville Public Market

After we left here, our next stop was the Vancouver Lookout.  Admission was included in the price of the tour which was awesome.  It would have been $17.50 (CAD) each otherwise.  We had great 360 degree views from the lookout, and there were signs posted all over giving some history of the sights in Vancouver.  We spent about 30 minutes here before heading out. 

Vancouver Lookout

Vancouver Lookout Vancouver Lookout Vancouver Lookout Vancouver Lookout Vancouver Lookout

Vancouver Lookout
View of Canada Place and the Disney Wonder from the Vancouver Lookout Tower

Vancouver Lookout

While driving to each location, Summer was great about pointing out other areas and giving us some history or details (such as the beach area with logs placed all around to watch the sunset, the Rogers Centre stadium, the Olympic Cauldron, etc). 

Our next stop was at Stanley Park where the totem poles were located.  Stanley Park was PACKED and Eddie and I were so glad that we had got up early the first morning of our cruise and experienced Stanley Park where we felt like we were the only ones there! 

Stanley Park

Our next stop in Stanley Park was at Prospect Point.  This offers beautiful views of Lions Gate Bridge and Vancouver.  They have a café there and some outside tables as well.  On the way to Prospect Point we passed a Stanley Park Brewery that is being built.  We can’t wait to come back to Vancouver and spend more time. 

Prospect Point Prospect Point Prospect Point Prospect Point

Prospect Point Prospect Point

There was a gift shop at Prospect Point so of course I had to buy a Christmas tree ornament:

Prospect Point

After our scenic pictures, we got back on the bus and headed to Capilano Salmon Hatchery and then the Capilano Suspension Bridge.  Admission was also included in the price of the tour.  The Salmon Hatchery was neat and had some beautiful trails:

Capilano Salmon Hatchery Capilano Salmon Hatchery Capilano Salmon Hatchery

Next was the Suspension Bridge:

Capilano Suspension Bridge

The Suspension Bridge was so crowded! 

Capilano Suspension Bridge
Canada Day was the day before which is why they had the flag up. That was pretty cool to see.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Capilano Suspension Bridge Capilano Suspension Bridge Capilano Suspension Bridge Capilano Suspension Bridge Capilano Suspension Bridge

We walked the bridge across and back and then got some lunch.  It was around 3:00pm at this point and we hadn’t ate since breakfast on the ship.  We stopped at Logger’s and got a huge hot dog and fries.  Eddie and I split one, but Hunter had his own, lol. 

Capilano Suspension Bridge
This was their indoor sit-down restaurant

Capilano Suspension Bridge Capilano Suspension Bridge Capilano Suspension Bridge

Capilano Suspension Bridge
Definitely big enough to share (unless you’re a teenage boy, lol!)

We were all given these certificates when we were getting ready to leave Capilano Suspension Bridge:

Capilano Suspension Bridge
Isn’t he cute?

Our driver dropped off the others at their hotels (there were about 4 stops).  That was another great thing about this tour….we were given priority at the Vancouver Lookout and at the Capilano Suspension Bridge (no waiting in line) and the bus was small, we had 19 people in our group.  We were dropped off last at the airport, and we did tip Summer well.  Not only was she a great tour guide, we would have had to pay around $43 for a taxi to take us to the airport, not to mention all the admission fees we would have had to pay to the sites we visited.  This tour can’t be beat, and I am definitely recommending this to all of my clients who go to Vancouver, either for a cruise or just to visit Vancouver. 

By the time we got to the airport, we were starting to get tired.  We arrived around 6:00 or 6:30pm, and we couldn’t check in until 3 hours before our flight (8:00pm).  Luckily Vancouver airport has a nice food court outside the terminals where we sat and relaxed until we could check in.  We decided to wait to get something to eat until we had went through security since we had a late lunch.  The process was a little quirky, we used the kiosk to check-in, then were told to take our bags to another location in the airport to be checked.  Once we got there, we were told that once we arrived in Chicago (our layover), that we would need to collect our bags and re-check them.  We were a little frustrated by this because we only had a 1 hour and 20 minute layover.  It was something to do with being late at night and security, etc.  Thankfully once we got to Chicago everything went pretty quickly, but it was a hassle having to go through security again.  Especially when it was 5:00am and our bodies were functioning on very little sleep. 

We made it back to our home airport around 9:30am and were home by 11:00am.  We immediately took a nap and set our alarms for 2:00pm so we wouldn’t sleep all day.  That worked well.  We were ready to go to bed at our usual time of 10:00pm that night.  We did sleep pretty late the following day, but we needed it.  We are glad we had that extra day to readjust before heading back to work. 

Well this is the end of this report, I hope you enjoyed it!  Please send me a message if you have any questions about Alaska!  We absolutely loved this cruise and are already trying to figure out when we can go back again.  Eddie said he never wants to do another Caribbean cruise again, LOL (I wouldn’t go that far, haha!).  But seriously, the scenery cannot be beat.  God’s creation is absolutely stunning and we were very fortunate to be able to go on this adventure. 

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Disney Alaskan Cruise – Day 7 at Sea

In case you missed it, click here to start with Day 1 of the Trip Report.  

Day 7 – Last Day at Sea

How did this day arrive so quickly?!  At this point Hunter said he was ready to go home, while Eddie and I looked at each other and said “I could do another 7 days.”  We slept in again until around 9:00am.  Then it was off to Cabana’s for breakfast for our usual fare, although this time we also tried the biscuits and gravy that we kept wanting to try.  They were actually really good!   We got back to the room and showered and it was already time to head for Bingo.  There were two rounds of Bingo scheduled today and we had planned to go to both (we have won the jackpot before, so now we are hooked!).   We got there early knowing it would be crowded, to get our seats and cards/handsets.  We didn’t have any luck this session.  The people behind us won a door prize and also won some money on the first game, but they were pretty disappointed when 6 other people also won!  One of the people who won that split jackpot actually had Bingo on two of her handsets, so she got 2/7 of the payout.  First time I had seen that happen!

Bingo ended around 11:45am and Eddie and I wanted to go look in the gift shops since our first day we were specifically shopping for Alaska merchandise and didn’t look at the regular items.  We didn’t find anything that we had to have this time.  We were scheduled to meet with the DVC rep at 1:30 and there was a ventriloquist (Michael Harrison) scheduled for 2:00pm in the Walt Disney Theater that we were hoping to go see, but we didn’t make it out in time.  We met with Rob with DVC and were really seriously thinking about buying in since we go to Disney so much.  We took the information so we could go and talk about it and told him we would get back with him.  We headed upstairs to meet Hunter after the show (we had told him we would be waiting in Preludes outside the theater).  The show let out around 2:45 but we never saw Hunter, and apparently he forgot that he was supposed to meet us.  We stayed there in our seats and had a discussion about DVC, but ultimately decided we weren’t going to pursue.  We felt like all of our vacation money would be tied up into DVC, and we really enjoy traveling – and not just with Disney.  You can exchange points and use them at other hotels, so it isn’t strictly Disney, but I’ve always heard those points don’t transfer well and didn’t want to take any chances.  We headed back to the room and then grabbed Hunter for another round of Bingo!  This was the last Bingo session for this cruise, and the payout is highest on that last day.  I don’t think I realized up until this point that the prices of the packages change with each session.  On my 3-night cruise, I remembered paying $60 for the “Family Pack” which includes 2 electronic sets and 1 pack of paper cards.  This cruise it had been $80 both times we’d played, but for this last session it was $120!  Ouch.  Note:  there are smaller packages you can buy.  In the middle of bingo games they give away some door prizes by flashing names of everyone who has purchased a bingo package and if it stops on your name, you win.  Well, Eddie’s name was called!  We won this Disney Cruise Line lunch bag which also had a cute sailor Mickey luggage tag and a cruise key chain inside:

disney cruise bingo door prize

Unfortunately that was the only thing we won this session, but we can’t complain.  We won $88 the first game and then a door prize, and like I said, we have won the jackpot before on another cruise. 

After bingo, we headed for another Pub Quiz with Rod.  Afterwards we stopped in the gift shop “Sea Treasures” and bought an Alaska t-shirt (one for me and one for Eddie). 

By this time it was time for dinner and tonight was Tiana’s Place with the regular Mardi Gras menu and I was really excited.  I had really enjoyed Tiana’s on my girls cruise in March.   Since this was our last night we made sure to take some pics:

Tiana's Place

Tiana's Place

For my appetizer I ordered the Sausage Andouille Fritters:  (I had ordered these on my last cruise and really enjoyed them).  I liked them again this time, but the guys tried it and they didn’t like them:

Tiana's Appetizer

The guys both ordered the Shrimp & Grits and really liked them:

Tiana's Shrimp and grits

Eddie and I also tried the tomato bisque (very good):

Tiana's Tomato Bisque

For my entrée I ordered the Roasted Pork Tenderloin which I really enjoyed:

Tiana's pork tenderloin

Eddie & Hunter tried the Cajun Spiced Sea Bass on Shrimp Jambalaya:  (I had this on my last cruise and enjoyed it):

Tiana's cajun seabass

Svetlana also brought the table some Artichoke Ravioli to try:  It was pretty good, but nothing I’d want for my meal:

tiana's artichoke ravioli

The desserts were what I had been waiting on!  I told Svetlana we wanted one of each:  Beingets, Banana Foster Sundae and White Chocolate Bread Pudding.  They were all so good, just like I had remembered:

tiana's beingets

tiana's bread pudding

Tiana's banana foster sundae

This was the last night in the dining rooms so I asked Svetlana and Istvan if I could take a picture of them:

disney cruise servers
Best Servers Ever!!
Istvan was so great!

After dinner we walked outside to check out the beautiful scenery again and take some pics since this was our last night of the cruise. 

Alaska Day at Sea Alaska Day at Sea Alaska Day at Sea Alaska Day at Sea Alaska Day at Sea

We were greeted with this beautiful sight as well:

Alaska Day at Sea Alaska Day at Sea Alaska Day at Sea


We decided to skip Dreams (we’ve seen it before) and the adult shows tonight and get packed up and to bed early for our early morning debarkation.

Sunset on our final cruise night – so sad to be leaving!!!  

Alaska Day at Sea Alaska Day at Sea


On the way to the room I took this picture:

disney cruise carpet

This is what is on the carpet in the hallways of the ships, and it helps you navigate where you are headed (Forward or Aft).  If the map is upside down, you are headed Aft (back of the ship).  If the map is facing you, you are headed Forward (front of the ship).  Pretty cool and only took me 6 cruises to figure that out, LOL. 

We were greeted with this on the bed (not sure exactly what it is?)  Something with its legs crossed.  Either a human or Gumby, LOL.

disney cruise towel animal

We packed everything up except what we needed for the next day and headed to bed.  

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Tour of Disney’s Private Island: Castaway Cay

Did you know that Disney has their own private island in the Bahamas?  Castaway Cay is one of my favorite places in the world!  

You can walk right off the ship onto Castaway Cay and enjoy free chairs, umbrellas, hammocks, water-slides and a splash area for the kids.  You are also treated to a fabulous (also FREE) buffet lunch at Cookie’s BBQ (or Cookie’s Too BBQ) or on the adult only side – Serenity Bay Adult Buffet (which includes steak from Palo!).  Characters are out and about for meet and greets in their beachwear, not to mention a FREE 5K on the island for every cruise that stops there!  What’s not to love?!

Let’s take a tour of this beautiful island, starting with the walkway from the ship:

castaway cay welcome sign

castaway cay

castaway cay map

castaway cay

If you are planning to head to the Castaway Cay 5K first thing, you can drop the kids off at Scuttle’s Cove (the island’s kids club):

scuttles cove

Next head over to the 5K (Don’t forget to go read my review of the Disney Castaway Cay 5K)

castaway cay 5k start

Or, go ahead and find out a great spot to lounge:

castaway cay

castaway cay

castaway cay

castaway cay

Snorkeling equipment is available for rent on the island (or you can bring your own) and this entire area is roped off for snorkeling:

castaway cay snorkeling

snorkeling castaway cay
Life jackets are provided free to use (must wear while snorkeling)

Grab a drink at a bar:

castaway cay bar

castaway cay

castaway cay

castaway cay

Take the kids for some fun on Pelican’s Plunge (life jackets are available for use):

pelican's plunge

Grab a free wagon, stroller or jogger if you need one:

castaway cay wagon

Now let’s head over to Serenity Bay (the Adult Only Beach on Castaway Cay):

serenity bay castaway cay

serenity bay castaway cay

serenity bay castaway cay

serenity bay castaway cay

You might just even catch Jack Sparrow stumbling by:

jack sparrow castaway cay

Grab some lunch at the Adult Buffet:

serenity bay buffet

serenity bay buffet menu

serenity bay buffet serenity bay buffet serenity bay buffet

serenity bay buffet

Did I mention after all that there is also all you can eat ice cream??

There’s also an area called “In Da Shade” with basketball, pool and other games that the teenagers (or big kids) would enjoy:

in da shade castaway cay

Excursions are available on the island such as jet skis, parasailing, bike riding, tube rental, sting ray encounters and more!

parasailing castaway cay

Be sure to stop on your way back to the ship for some pics:

castaway cay

castaway cay

Are you ready to go yet?  What was your favorite thing to do at Castaway Cay?

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As an Independent Travel Agent with Mouse Counselors, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, I offer concierge travel planning for Walt Disney World® Resort, Disney Cruise Line, Disneyland® Resort, Adventures by Disney®, Aulani and all other destinations at no cost to you.  Message me today if I can help book a magical vacation for you.  

Disney Alaskan Cruise – Day 5 Part 2 (Endicott Arm/Dawes Glacier)

Day 5:  Part 2 Endicott Arm/Dawes Glacier

When I left off on Part 1 we had just finished up the afternoon game of Bingo and the Captain had announced that viewing of Endicott Arm had begun.  We headed up to the top deck after grabbing our camera and coats.  It was cold and windy!  Crew members were passing out blankets (which I gladly accepted).  Some of the pics we took:

We started seeing icebergs right away

We went back inside to get Hunter and grab some dinner – but first we stopped for more pics!

We were skipping the dining room tonight and decided to just eat from the pool deck.  We ate fast to rush back out for more pics because we were at the glacier!

Seals on the iceberg

We figured we had enough pictures at this point and it was still pretty cold, so we headed back inside to meet up with Mr. Incredible before the 8:15 showing of Incredibles 2 in the Walt Disney Theater:

After the showing of Incredibles, we headed to Azure for “intuition”, followed by a variety act with Billy Kidd.  We didn’t love the show, but it was okay.  After the show, there was an 80’s Flashback Dance that was a lot of fun.  As usual Eddie jumped right in and busted a move.  I did a few dances and Hunter sneaked out and went back to the room, lol!  We stayed for a few dances and then went back to the room as we were pretty tired at this point.  Up next – Ketchikan!    

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As an Independent Travel Agent with Mouse Counselors, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, I offer concierge travel planning for Walt Disney World® Resort, Disney Cruise Line, Disneyland® Resort, Adventures by Disney®, Aulani and all other destinations at no cost to you.  Message me today if I can help book a magical vacation for you.  

Disney Alaskan Cruise – Day 6 (Ketchikan)

In case you missed it, click here to start with Day 1 of the Trip Report.  

Day 6 – Ketchikan, Alaska

I originally started out thinking that Ketchikan would be my least favorite port based on all the research I’d done, but it ended up being our favorite! 

We slept in this morning, all those late night adult activities were catching up to us and all ashore wasn’t until 11:15am, so we were all happy to get a little extra rest. 

Eddie and I woke up around 9:00am and went to Cabana’s to grab breakfast.  We found ourselves going to the same thing each day to eat.  For me, one slice of French toast, custom ordered omelet, 2 slices of bacon, and diced potatoes (no wonder I gained weight on this cruise!).  For Eddie – bowl of oatmeal with fruit, granola, etc., eggs, bacon or sausage, and a hash brown patty.  (Sorry, never took pictures of our breakfast!).  After Cabana’s, I went straight to work out (3 miles on the treadmill).  Eddie went back to the room first, and by the time he was ready to go work out, I had already finished and was back in the room.  Hunter was just waking up.  I took a shower and then caught up on my trip notes.  Our shore excursion tickets listed our meeting place in the Azure Club at 12:00 noon.  Knowing we wouldn’t be eating soon, we went upstairs and grabbed a quick bite – even though it hadn’t been that long since we’d ate.  I grabbed a roast beef sandwich from Daisy’s Delights and Eddie and Hunter had a couple slices of pepperoni pizza from Pinocchio’s. 

Our excursion today in Ketchikan was booked through Disney (booking direct is less expensive, but it was sold out – we booked in April, so kind of last minute for an Alaskan cruise – so I had to purchase through Disney to get it).  The excursion was the Bering Sea Crab Fisherman’s Tour, and it was on the Aleutian Ballad crab boat, which had been featured on Deadliest Catch in Season 2.  The boat sustained major damage when capsized by a 60 foot rogue wave, and was given a complete overhaul and made into a tour boat.  Pretty cool, huh? 

We headed for Azure around 11:45 and there was a table set up inside signing people in for the different excursions booked through Disney.  We were given an Elsa sticker to wear and were told to listen for our group to be called.  We were called right at noon and followed our guide outside.  We met up with a representative of the tour, and followed her over to the Aleutian Ballad.   We got to the boat and noticed there were already people onboard (I assume those that booked direct), but most of them were upstairs.  I don’t know if they were made to go to the top and the bottom was saved for Disney?  Even though all seats are great, I was glad to be on the lower level.  The temperature wasn’t bad (mid-50’s) and it was nice and partly sunny, but on the water it does tend to get cool and I thought being lower might help with that. 

Following our guide over to the Aleutian Ballad

Once onboard, Captain Paul introduced himself and his crew, including fishermen Dave & Terry.  These guys were awesome!  They kept us captivated with their personal stories on the sea and were great story tellers and very funny.  I started to get cold and one of the ladies (working there for summer / college) brought me an extra coat and started passing them out to other guests.  They had hot tea, hot chocolate and coffee for guests onboard as well.  The boat is outfitted with several bathrooms, a gift shop that shows a rotating loop on the tv of the wave that took down the Aleutian Ballad.   My husband will be doing a full review of the excursion that you can find on our blog soon under Reviews.  Here’s just a few pics of the highlights – but be sure to go and read his review – this was the best excursion ever – and when we go back to Alaska (yes – we are already talking about our next trip), we plan to do this excursion again!


Passing out heavy coats for those that needed them

There were bald eagles EVERYWHERE!
The crew took this pic with everyone onboard who wanted one at the end

The tour lasted about 3 hours, so we arrived back to town around 3:15pm.  We went over to one of the gift shops and they had these reversible coats outside listed for $19.99.  There were several colors, and some had “Alaska” embroidered on the front, but the one that we liked had a “Ketchikan Alaska” patch on it.  Eddie and I both got one and Hunter went inside and found an “Alaska” camouflage hat that he liked.  We love gift shops and spent quite a bit of time in here.  We bought the other kids some candy to take back and Hunter also bought an “Ulu Knife” and Eddie bought a t-shirt and hat combo that was only $14.99.  We left there and it was starting to drizzle a little bit, so we put our new coats on.  We walked over to another gift shop and Hunter found an Alaska hoodie there.  After leaving there we went to find the “Welcome to Ketchikan” sign and stopped for some pictures.  At this point it was around 4:30 so we started to walk back to the ship and get freshened up for dinner. 

Lots of rain in Ketchikan

Wearing our new Alaska Jackets!

I looked at the navigator once back onboard and saw that Mickey & Minnie were doing meet and greets.  Since we had not yet met them in their Alaskan gear, I really wanted to go.  They were also meeting later in the night, and we were too late for the afternoon meet with Mickey, but we went to get in line for Minnie.  We did get to see Mickey leaving, so I snapped this pic:


We were towards the front of the line for Minnie so that didn’t take long.  I had really wanted a pic with Mickey & Minnie outside in their Alaskan gear, but they were never outside for photos like I’ve seen on other sailings.  I had one photographer tell me it had something to do with this sailing combining Juneau day / Endicott Arm the same day.  So I was a little bummed about that, but I do think our extra stop in Icy Strait Point (Hoonah) was worth it. 


Eddie and I stopped for more pictures in the atriumwith the Ketchikan background and then headed to dinner at Animator’s Palate. 

Tonight was the animation magic show which is truly amazing!  When you are seated, your server gives everyone these to draw their own character (even the adults!). 

We all participated and Svetlana took our drawings when we were finished and gave us the menu’s.  This was a new menu, so I did take some pics:

Svetlana had told us the night before that there were new additions to the menu (before it was very limited with only one appetizer choice) and I was glad, because what I saw on the app didn’t appeal to me.  The meal ended up being our favorite meal served in the dining rooms of the trip!  We loved the Malaysian Chicken Satay (skews of chicken with a peanut sauce and cucumber (delicious)!


We all also had the Lobster Bisque (very tasty!):

I got the Garlic Marinated Shrimp & Pasta (very good):

Eddie got the Blackened Chicken salad (My favorite!  We switched plates halfway through, lol – although he loved the salad too).

Hunter got the Chicken Schnitzel which he loved:

Before our desserts came, the animation show started and we really enjoyed seeing our characters, and the creativity of others come to life! 

For dessert, I had the Amaretto Cheesecake with sour cream (really good):

Eddie had planned to get the Regional Inspiration of some Alaskan bread budding with strawberry.  Svetlana advised him against it, and brought him some White Chocolate Bread pudding from Tiana’s instead.  I had that on my cruise in March and knew it was a great choice!  Hunter got a repeat of his dessert from the night before – chocolate lava cake with ice cream. 

After dinner we went to Crown & Fin for some more trivia before heading to see the Family Magic Show with Billie Kidd in Azure.  I didn’t take any pictures, but we enjoyed her family show much more than her adult show. 

Then it was time for the meet & greet with Mickey in his Alaskan gear:

We stopped by the DVC desk to see if we could make an appointment for the next day.  After going to the presentation, we had a few more questions.  While waiting for the cast member to check schedules, Daisy was walking up the hall (Belle was also walking down the other end of the hall) and she stopped for a quick pic:


Afterwards we headed back to Azure for more adult games.  I was really ready to go to bed, but Hunter really enjoyed going to the activities at night, and they were doing Match Your Mate.  Eddie and I tried to get picked again, but they usually take the couple who has been married the least amount of time (there was a honeymoon couple onboard), the couple that has been married the longest, then for the middle couple, they make you do a dance-off contest.  Well, Eddie definitely carries me in these contest, because I have ZERO rhythm, not to mention I don’t love being up in front of a crowd anyway, much less showing off my dance skills (that I was not blessed with, lol).  But I figured, hey, I’m never going to see these people again, just do it.  So I got up there and did the sprinkler, the robot, etc. while Eddie was unbuttoning his shirt (he had a t-shirt on underneath) while dancing to “I’m Sexy and I Know it.”  It was hilarious and the crowd loved him.  We were up against about six other couples and we were second in line and got a ton of cheers.  The last couple in line had a big family group with them and Rod called them the winners. Boo!  Oh well, one of these days we’ll get picked.   We stayed until the end and then headed off to bed around 11:00pm.  Tomorrow was a sea day, so we were happy that we would be able to sleep in again. 

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Skagway, Alaska Cruise Port Excursion Review: DIY Jeep Tours

Skagway! The port that lays farthest North along our cruise of the Inside Passage and home to the White Pass & Yukon Railroad. Skagway was built on the Klondike gold boom in 1897.

Even though the White Pass Railroad is considered one of the most amazing railways in North America, we opted to try the DIY Jeep Tours (formerly Alaska Green Jeep Tours) because we could travel the same route as the train, plus stop whenever we wanted too to take pictures or stretch. Our destination was Emerald Lake 75 miles North in the Yukon.  The price for Jeep rental is $250 per day (plus city and rental tax).  There is also an additional fee for reserving online.  We ended up paying a total of $312.50, which is a great deal considering the price of other excursions available.  The Jeep can be picked up as early as 7:30am, and has to be returned by 6:00pm.  There is a 200 mile limit, which is more than enough to get you to Emerald Lake and back.  The trip takes approximately 1.5 hours each way (not accounting for stops to take pictures and take in the scenery).  

You could choose whatever color jeep you wanted. We originally wanted the blue jeep on the front row but the guy in front of us got it first! So we opted for the cool red Jeep on the end.

The distance from the cruise ship was a brisk, easy walk. I took this picture standing in the road at the DIY check-in hut.

I took this picture while standing in the Main Street
disney alaskan cruise
This is a picture of the check-in hut from the same spot in the road that I took the previous picture of the Disney Wonder at the dock.
Gas station across the street from DIY Jeep Tours. We will come back to this later.

Our confirmation email stated that we should bring proof of insurance to rent the jeep, but I was never asked to provide it during the check-in process. I would make sure to bring it just in case.

The rental process was smooth and easy. After completing some necessary paperwork, the staff member and I performed the orchestrated, yet familiar, walk-around of the jeep looking for any dents, dings, and scratches. All the Jeeps were in great shape and clean inside. A few had some minor scratches and a road wash up around the wheel wells, but that’s expected knowing the usual weather conditions in the area.

We were given this notebook with a CD and written directions for our tour towards Emerald Lake. The CD contained some great historical information but it was challenging for the CD to stay synced with my driving. So I asked my wife Tammy to just read the information written in the notebook which seemed to work well for us.

The book was easy to read with convenient pictures to accompany the text.

Before we left town, we decide to drive down State Street. Since there were only two cruise ships in port, we had the town all to ourselves to start the day. So much so, the streets looked like the backdrop of a Hollywood movie studio.

View of the Disney Wonder while driving towards dock along State Street

We soon turned our Jeep around and headed North on Highway 2 (South Klondike Highway) towards the Yukon. The scenery immediately turned majestic just a few short miles outside of town.

Torment Valley. Imagine traveling this rough terrain in 1898 with 1,000 pounds of supplies. Crazy!
Our red Jeep still looking good

Fourteen miles North of Skagway is the Summit (3,290 feet); however, because the weather elements are harsh, the Canadian Customs Station is nine miles farther North. Remember your passport!

Canada Customs

Alaska is on Alaska Time, while the Yukon is on Pacific Time. We saw this great sign roadway sign and had to stop for a picture.

Once you pass through Canadian Customs, it’s 36 miles to a beautiful spot to view Bove Island. Bove Island was known as a menace for boatmen heading to the Klondike.

Bove Island straight ahead
Bove Island in Tagish Lake

Almost there. We made a quick pit stop in the town of Carcross (short for Caribou Crossing – herds caribou once migrated through this area between Bennett and Nares Lake).  There are restaurants, restrooms, wildlife museum and dog sleds with husky puppies available if you choose to stop here.  

Carcross Commons/Tagish First Nation. Photo Credit: Pixabay

Just a couple of miles North of Carcross was an unexpected site…a desert! In the Yukon? Yep. Proudly known as the “world’s smallest desert (one square mile); although it’s not technically considered a real desert because the environment is too humid).

I forgot to take a picture of my own but this is exactly what it looks like! Photo Credit:

We made it! Well, at least we thought we had arrived. There is no “welcome to Emerald Lake” sign, and honestly, I was a little underwhelmed by its size…so I wasn’t 100% sure this was THE place. Based on the views we experienced during our journey 80 mile journey north, and having passed by Tutshi Lake, Tagish Lake, and Benett Lake, I think I was expecting something spectacular and large but I’ll concede the turquoise water was impressive to see (reminded me of beaches in the Caribbean…with snowcapped mountains outlining the distant views). Even the map at the end of the parking area doesn’t refence anything related to “Emerald Lake” (see below), but based on our handy dandy notebook from the DIY Jeep Tours, we figured out this was the spot.

View of Emerald Lake from overlook parking area
See, no mention of Emerald Lake, but it’s clear “You are Here”

If we had wanted to, I think we might have had enough time to travel further north to Whitehorse but we weren’t sure…and we didn’t want to miss our ship leaving port! So, after spending a few minutes at the lake, we decided to head on back to Skagway the same route we came. Even though the route is the same, the scenery always looks new from a different angle. Because there was little to no traffic during most of our commute, we would stop several times for me to capture some pictures from the roadway.

Having the Jeep in the picture helps give some scale to the sheer size of the mountains
One last photo op as we head back into Alaska

We did have a bear sighting near a rock pile close to the U.S. Customs Check Point. There was only one other car nearby, so we were able roll within a safe distance and capture this picture. I think this was the highlight of the day for my wife Tammy. Thanks to her for scouring the roadside and first seeing the bear!

disney alaskan cruise
Brown bears and grizzly bears are the same
U.S. Customs Border

Oh, remember that gas station photo I shared with you early in this blog? Well, that’s where you will want to top of the Jeep before you turn it back in. Don’t forget, or you’ll end up paying more per gallon if you let the Jeep tour company do it. The gas pumps do take credit/debit card.

We would most definitely recommend this excursion while in Skagway – we will do it again on our next trip to Alaska!  You can read reviews on other excursions here.

As an Independent Travel Agent with Mouse Counselors, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, I offer concierge travel planning for Walt Disney World® Resort, Disney Cruise Line, Disneyland® Resort, Adventures by Disney®, Aulani and all other destinations at no cost to you.  Message me today if I can help book a magical vacation for you.  

Photo Tour of the Disney Wonder

The Disney Wonder was the second ship to join the Disney fleet, entering service in 1999.  It is nearly identical to the Disney Magic with 11 decks, accommodating 2400 passengers in 875 staterooms.  The Disney Wonder is the ship used for specialty sailings such as Alaska and Panama Canal, as well as the Bahamas and Caribbean. 

Pools – The Disney Wonder sports the Goofy pool on Deck 9 along with 2 whirlpool spas. Quiet Cove pool is the Adult Only Pool with a bar area close by.  The Aqua Lab is a play area that has a “Twist ‘n’ Spout” slide and Dory’s Reef, a splash pad area for toddlers 3 and under.  

tour of disney wonder
Quiet Cove Pool for Adults Only

tour of disney wondertour of disney wonder

Kids Clubs:  The Wonder has kids clubs available for all ages.  The Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab are for children ages 3-12, the Edge for ages 11-14 and Vibe for ages 14-17.  It’s a Small World Nursery is available for children ages 6 months to 2 years, but does require reservations and a small fee per hour.  For ages 3 and up, all of the kids clubs are free.  Castaway Cay also has a kids club available on the island.  

tour of Disney Wonder

tour of Disney Wonder

tour of Disney Wonder

tour of Disney Wonder

Adult Bars/Lounges:  The Wonder has several adult bars/lounges available with plenty of activities to keep adults busy such as Music Trivia, TV Tunes Trivia, late-night games such as “The Feud,” “Match Your Mate,” “Intuition,” and more.  Azure is where the nighttime entertainment takes place, while Cadillac Lounge is used for the beverage tastings (Mixology, Champagne, Martini, etc).  The Crown and Fin Pub is where most of the daily adult trivia is held.  You can also catch the latest sports game live at the Crown & Fin.

tour of disney wonder

tour of Disney Wonder
Inside Azure where late night adult games are held, as well as Family Bingo games during the day


disney cruise to alaska

tour of Disney Wonder
Cadillac Lounge where beverage tastings are held


tour of Disney Wonder
Crown & Fin is where you can catch the latest sports, as well as partake in some adult trivia games throughout the cruise


Senses Spa & Workout Room:  The Disney Wonder has a spa onboard where you can get treatments from acupuncture to massages, as well as a Rainforest Room where you can purchase a day pass to use the sauna, sensory showers and hot stone lounge chairs.  A workout room is also available for those 18 and older with the latest equipment and some spectacular views.

Treatment Room
Couples Villa Whirlpool
Couples Villa Lounge Chairs
Couples Villa Treatment Room
Sensory Showers
Waiting Room
Locker Rooms
Hot Stone Loungers
Singles Treatment Room


tour of Disney Wonder
Workout Room

Family Spaces:  The Disney Wonder has separate spaces for adults and kids, but they also have some family areas too.  The D-Lounge is used for family trivia, family karaoke and talent shows among many other activities.  The Promenade Lounge is used for animation classes, some trivia, live music and more.

tour of Disney Wonder
Promenade Lounge


Theaters:  The Disney Wonder has two theaters onboard (three theaters if counting the outdoor movie screen by the pool).  The Walt Disney Theater is where the live entertainment is held each night.  The Buena Vista Theater is where you’ll find the newly released Disney movies, and if you’re lucky, you can see a Movie Premier onboard!  tour of Disney Wonder

Inside the Walt Disney Theater where you’ll find live broadway caliber entertainment

tour of Disney Wonder

tour of Disney Wonder
Buena Vista Theater


Dining Rooms:  The Disney Wonder has 3 Main Dining Rooms, with guests rotating between each restaurant.  Triton’s, Tiana’s Place and Animator’s Palate.  The dining rooms are beautifully themed and have their own unique menus.disney cruise to alaska


disney cruise to alaska
Tiana’s is the newest restaurant on the Disney Wonder, with a New Orleans Inspired Mardi Gras atmosphere and menu as well as live music

tour of Disney Wonder

Animator’s Palate starts out in black and white, and slowly colorizes as dinner goes by. The drawings come to life at the end, with Sorcerer Mickey dropping by for a visit
tour of Disney Wonder
Triton’s is the most elegant of the three dining rooms with an Art Deco theme


Adult Only Restaurant:  Palo is the adult only restaurant that requires reservations and a nominal fee.  Brunch is the popular reservation that can be difficult to get (read my Palo review here).  The food is great and a nice romantic getaway for adutls.tour of Disney Wonder

Disney Cruise to Alaska

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique:  Just like Disney World, the cruises also offer the experience for girls (and boys) to get a makeover.  Offerings include princess & pirate makeovers, as well as special experiences such as Star Wars for special sailings.

tour of Disney Wonder

Miscellaneous:  Check out some miscellaneous pictures of the Disney Wonder.

Chandelier in the Atrium
Shutters Photography where you can tap your Key to the World card to view your photos
Hallway with gift shops
Carpet design that helps you navigate where you are on the ship (Forward or Aft) by using the direction on the map.

Thanks for taking the time to Tour the Disney Wonder!   Be sure to check out my other blog posts for some Disney Cruise Tips & Tricks!

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Disney Alaskan Cruise – Day 4 (Skagway)

In case you missed it, click here to start with Day 1 of the Trip Report.  

Day 4 – Skagway.  

This morning we were up early to shower and get our day started.  All ashore was at 7:15am.  In the planning stages, we had scheduled a Jeep rental with DIY Jeep Tours to do a self-guided drive of the Klondike highway, so we were excited to get the day started.  The tour route is similar to that of the White Pass Railway excursion, but this way we could stop whenever we wanted to for pictures, eating, etc.  Our Navigator gave us this information for the day:

disney cruise skagway


We finished breakfast in Cabana’s around 7:45am, then headed out to pick up our Jeep.  It was a short walk to the Jeep rental location, maybe around 10 minutes.  Below are some pictures of the Disney Wonder on our walk over:

disney alaskan cruise

disney alaskan cruise

disney alaskan cruise

This picture was taken from the Jeep rental place

We arrived around 8:15am to pick up the Jeep (you can read a detailed review on the DIY Jeep Tours excursion here). 

disney alaskan cruise

Soon we were off!  On our way out of town, we spotted this “Welcome to Skagway” sign so we stopped to take a photo (we discovered a more official “Welcome to Skagway” sign on our return trip but didn’t stop):

disney alaskan cruise


Back on the road again, the scenery became more beautiful with each mile that passed:

disney alaskan cruise

disney alaskan cruise

disney alaskan cruise

disney alaskan cruise
It got a little cooler at one point!

There were tons of tour buses all along the route as well.  We decided to make some stops on the way back to hopefully avoid some of the bus crowds at the pull-offs.  We did stop at the Yukon sign:

Starting to see some blue sky!

The route takes approximately 1.5 hours (3 hours roundtrip) and your final stop is at Emerald Lake.  The skies had turned blue and the weather had warmed up nicely to the lower 60’s. Emerald Lake was beautiful!

disney alaskan cruise

disney alaskan cruise

We made it to Emerald Lake around 11:00am and discussed stopping for lunch in Carcross on the way back, but we knew there might be a lot of tour buses stopping there as well, so we decided we would head back to Skagway and eat lunch in town.  This worked best, because we also wanted to spend some time in Skagway and do some shopping.  All aboard wasn’t until 8:00pm, but Eddie and I had a massage scheduled for 6:30pm and wanted to grab dinner before our massage. 

On our drive back we stopped at the “Twilight Zone” sign showing the time change between Alaska and Canada:

We stopped at the “Welcome to Alaska” sign since we hadn’t stopped in the morning:

disney alaskan cruise

Shortly after crossing the border we saw this on the road ahead:

A grizzly! (We learned that a brown bear and a grizzly bear are one and the same from Captain Paul during our whale watching tour the day before).  We were so excited to see some wildlife.  The bear had crossed the road so we pulled off and were able to get a pretty close up picture:

disney alaskan cruise

We stopped by this waterfall on our way back and ran into some cyclists.  They took off as we were pulling up and we passed by them later on the road.  I would be scared to death to do that!  The road is downhill to Skagway and so many tour buses go along that route, not to mention the bears! 

disney alaskan cruise

We made it back to town around 1:15pm and went ahead and fueled up the Jeep and returned it, then walked to try to find something to eat.  We ended up stopping at Bites on Broadway.  It was a little sandwich / pastry shop.  I ordered chicken salad on an everything bagel and Eddie ordered a breakfast bagel.  Hunter didn’t want a sandwich, so he just snacked on some chips and a coke.  I forgot to take pictures of the food! 

After we ate we went to some of the gift shops. Hunter was wanting to look at the collection of knives with the hand-carved woodworking. After walking around, Hunter ended up buying two small knives.  I was looking for a Christmas ornament, and ended up buying this one:

disney alaskan cruise

Afterwards we headed back to the ship.  It was around 4:00pm when we boarded, and there were a couple tables set up when we walked back on, one with hot mulled wine for purchase, the other with hot chocolate.  The hot chocolate was free, but the wine was $5.50 (or $10 if purchased with souvenir mug).  Before I knew what was happening, Eddie had bought the $5.50 glass (had I known he was going to buy some, I would have bought with the souvenir mug – but he says we have too many cups/mugs at our house already, lol).  I drank a few sips of the wine, but it wasn’t something that I loved.  I prefer hot chocolate.

disney alaskan cruise 

We went back to our room and decided we would like to go to the dining room for dinner – the Frozen menu that we didn’t care for was switched to the following night – so we called the spa to see if we could change our massage appointment from 6:30 to 5:00pm.  We were able to change it without a problem, so we told Hunter we would meet him in the dining room as soon as we were finished.  Our dining servers (Svetlana and Istvan, whom we LOVED) had told us we could come as late as 7:00 and they could serve us.  Our massage was for 75 minutes, so we finished up around 6:15, took a quick shower in the spa locker room and headed straight to dinner.  We weren’t terribly late, arriving around 6:30pm.  Hunter was already on his entrée.  We were in Triton’s and the menu was the Captain’s Gala Menu with Regional Inspirations.  As a side note – we enjoyed the massage, but both agreed that we most likely won’t do it the next time we cruise.  It is very expensive and we decided we’d rather spend that $$ on something else and get our massages a lot cheaper at home. 

For my appetizer I ordered the Aged Prosciutto:

disney alaskan cruise
Verdict: Okay

Eddie ordered the Alaskan King Crab Legs:

disney alaskan cruise
Verdict: Good


For my entrée – Fettuccine with Parmesan Crusted Chicken:

disney alaskan cruise
Verdict: Very Good (I asked for extra sauce because some of my other pasta was a little dry earlier in the week)

Eddie’s entrée – Roasted Red Snapper

disney alaskan cruise
Verdict: Very Good

Svetlana also brought him an Oven Baked Lobster Tail to try:

Verdict: Okay. We are not big lobster fans.

For dessert we shared the Chocolate Lava Cake:

disney alaskan cruise
Verdict: Very Good. Needed the ice cream as it was very rich!

After dessert we headed over to Azure for TV Tunes Trivia.  After that was over, we stayed and waited for the Matt Baker Juggling & Comedy Act for families.   We were glad we didn’t leave and come back, because it was a packed house!  They ended up asking all the children to come up and sit on the floor to free up some chair space for some adults.  I really enjoyed Matt’s shows and this was particularly hilarious with his on the spot humor after pulling up different kids and adults on stage to help with the act. 

After the Matt Baker show, we ended up staying in Azure for the adult games.  Tonight was “Seriously?!” followed by “The Feud.”  I had went to “The Feud” on my last Disney cruise and thought it was a lot of fun, so we were looking forward to that.  Eddie and I ended up getting picked to participate in “Seriously?!” with another couple.  Each couple had to take off their shoes so that each person was holding one of their shoes and one of their partners shoes.  Then Rod would ask questions like “Who gives better gifts?, Who stays mad the longest after a fight?”, etc.  The women were standing in front with the men in the back.  The men would answer first, then Rod would let us know when to hold up the shoe for our answer.  We were on a roll getting most of them right, and at one point we were tied with the other couple.  Then Rod asked a few final questions and we bombed, well, Eddie bombed.  LOL.  One question was “Who is more wild when sleeping?”  Although neither of us are particularly wild (when sleeping that is, lol!), I held up Eddie’s shoe.  Well he of course held up my shoe saying it was me.  I turned around and said “What?!  You tell me all the time that I don’t even MOVE when I’m asleep!”  Oh well.  It was a fun game and Hunter got a kick out of watching us up there.  The Feud was next and is basically Family Feud and Rod split the room in half, and would call different people up to play, then the crowd would help whoever was on their team with the rest of the answers on the board. 

Karaoke was next, but we were all pretty tired after our early wake up, and tomorrow was another fairly early day, so we went to our room to rest up for the day ahead!

Up next:  Juneau & Endicott Arm

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Disney Alaskan Cruise – Day 3 (Icy Strait Point)

In case you missed it…..

Day 1 – Boarding Day

Day 2 – Day at Sea

Day 3 Stops in Icy Strait Point in Hoonah Alaska!  This morning we woke up around 7:30am to get ready for our 8:45am Disney Character Breakfast.  This breakfast is only offered on 7-night or more Disney cruises.  There is no extra charge for this breakfast, but you must reserve tickets online ahead of time.  Tickets usually sell out pretty quickly, so first time cruisers don’t always get to secure tickets ahead of time.  Since I had booked late (past my 90 day check in), there were no tickets available.  I kept checking every few days and the last day to reserve any activities (3 days before sailing), I was able to get tickets!  It looked like they had added quite a few tickets that last day.  There are usually extra tickets available at Guest Services the first day of the cruise as well if you are unable to get them online.  

The breakfast was in Animator’s Palate which is perfect for a character meal.  Our server made us all some fun napkin headwear:  

disney cruise to alaska
Minnie bow for me!


disney cruise to alaska
Goofy ears?
disney cruise to alaska
Peter Pan maybe?

The characters started coming pretty quickly.  First we had Pluto:

disney cruise to alaska disney cruise to alaska

disney cruise to alaska

Then Minnie:

disney cruise to alaska

Eddie thought he’d ask for Minnie’s hand, lol:

disney cruise to alaska


disney cruise to alaska

Mickey was last:

disney cruise to alaska

disney cruise to alaska
Selfie with Mickey!

I didn’t take any pictures of the food!  First they bring around a platter of pastries to choose from.  I got the chocolate croissant which was good.  Then you can choose as many items off the menu as you’d like:

disney cruise to alaska

Our breakfast started at 8:45 and we were completely done by 9:15am.  We went to get our jackets on and headed outside to view the scenery.  

There was hardly anyone up on Deck 9 that morning.  It was a little chilly outside, so we grabbed some hot chocolate at the drink station and then walked over to speak to one of the crew members who was looking out at the water.  He had a good eye and pointed out some wildlife, including a whale:

disney cruise to alaska
See the water spray from the whale?


We watched as the ship pulled into port:

disney cruise to alaska

The natives were there to greet us when we disembarked (the population in Icy Strait Point is only about 750 people!):

disney cruise to alaska


All ashore was at 12:00pm and our whale watching excursion with Hoonah Travel Adventures was scheduled from 12:15pm to 3:15pm.  I booked this excursion outside of Disney knowing that we had plenty of time to return to the ship (all aboard was not until 7:15pm).  It was less expensive booking outside of Disney, and I knew that sometimes the whale watching excursions booked through Disney are on larger boats that hold 50 or more people.  We wanted a more intimate experience and our excursion was perfect with about 20 people total.  My husband has written a separate blog post on our excursion that you can read here:  Hoonah Travel Adventures Whale Watching Excursion

disney cruise to alaska
See the whale behind us?

After our excursion we took a shuttle back to the main port and walked around a few minutes in the gift shop area.  We had to get back in time for our 4:00pm Martini Tasting, so we didn’t have a lot of time to look around.  Some pics we took on the walk back:

disney cruise to alaska

Back on the ship, we headed to the martini tasting was in the Cadillac Lounge while Hunter went back to the room to watch some TV:

disney cruise to alaska

disney cruise to alaska

We sampled 5 different martinis.  We were informed that we were “fake martini lovers” because we are not fans of the classic martini’s made with gin.  Instead we like the fake martini’s, aka fruity cocktails, lol.   Our first two were more of the “classic” martini with vodka and gin and the next two were fruity with vodka and our last was a dessert martini.  We loved the last 3, but didn’t like the first 2.  

Notice #3 is completely gone while #1 and #2 are still full, lol!

disney cruise to alaska

After the tasting we went back to the room to get Hunter to go to the Know it All Trivia with Rod in the Crown & Fin Pub.

Upon return to our room, we saw our stateroom host had left the Frozen snowflake light up necklaces (tonight was the Freezing the Night Away Party).  We stopped to get some pictures before dinner (I am wearing my necklace):

disney cruise to alaska disney cruise to alaska

Our dinner was in Tiana’s restaurant:

disney cruise to alaska

disney cruise to alaska
Tiana and the Crawfish Crooners

The menu tonight wasn’t the traditional Mardi Gras menu (we’d have that later in the week), but the Prince & Princess Dinner menu

For the appetizer, we all got the Louisiana Hot Crab Dip:

Verdict: Good

Hunter got the Lime Marinated Jumbo Shrimp:

disney cruise to alaska
Verdict: Good


I got the New York Sirloin Steak:

disney cruise to alaska
Verdict: Good

Eddie got the Oven Roasted Turkey Breast:

disney cruise to alaska
Verdict: Sweet Potatoes were great, everything else just okay

For dessert, I got Prince Naveen’s Flourless Chocolate Cake:

disney cruise to alaska
Verdict: Very good

Eddie got the Banoffee Cream Pie:

disney cruise to alaska
Verdict: Very good

We finished up dinner and got our seats for the Frozen Musical in the Walt Disney Theater:

I’ve seen the show before and really enjoyed it, but again this cruise, I was struggling to keep my eyes open.  The guys liked the show, but both agreed it wasn’t their favorite (men!).  

Heath Hyche was doing an adult show in Azure tonight that Hunter really wanted to go see.  I was really tired tonight so I decided to head to bed, but Eddie and Hunter went to see the show.  They both enjoyed it.  

Up next:  Day 4 – Skagway, Alaska.  Beautiful scenery….and a bear!

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Disney Cruise to Alaska – Day 2 at Sea

If you missed Day 1 of my Trip Report, you can read it here.  

Today is all about Day 2 at sea!  This morning we woke up pretty early since our bodies were still adjusting to the time change.  We were up around 6:00am and decided to go to the gym to run first of three Incredibles Virtual 5k Runs!  We had signed up for the Disney Virtual Shorts Series, so we thought of no better place to get started this summer!  The gym on the Disney Wonder is really nice, with lots of treadmills facing the water for some spectacular views (especially when in Alaska!).  The treadmills all have tv’s, with the same channels that you get in your room.  There were lots of movies to choose from, including Pitch Perfect 3 (I caught the end of that) and Iron Man 2. Eddie also watched Iron Man 2 because we’re in sync like that. For tall runners (6’1 or taller), the treadmills pictured below do not provide a lot of head clearance, but there are a couple of treadmills a row back with plenty of head room. 

Disney Cruise to Alaska


Disney Cruise to Alaska

After our run we went back to get Hunter, hoping he was awake, to go grab some breakfast at Cabana’s.  (I didn’t take any pictures at all in Cabana’s this week!)   Eddie and I didn’t eat a big breakfast this morning, as we were wanting to save room for our delicious brunch at Palo! 

After breakfast we went back to the room to take a shower and get ready for the day.  I finished up before the guys and decided to go to the Mickey Mouse Animation Class in the Promenade Lounge.  I got there at the end of the Disney Trivia game they were playing so I grabbed a table and waited until 9:30.  Eddie surprised me and showed up to take the class with me (he’s sweet like that…sometimes).  We’ve done the drawing classes past cruises and had a lot of fun.  This time though, we were at a table further back and the instructor was using a very light pencil, so it was hard for us to see what she was doing on the screen.  We both gave up, our pictures were terrible, lol. 

Next, we wanted to go to the 10:00am naturalist presentation “Into Alaska’s Wilderness – Southeast Alaska” by Doug Jones.  Doug lives in Alaska and he’s given presentations on the Disney Alaskan cruises for several years.  He spoke about all of the different ports we would be visiting and what we should expect to see.  We thought it was a great presentation and loved his personal stories and pictures. 

Disney Cruise to Alaska

After the presentation we went to the gift shop to check out what Alaskan souvenirs were available.  We are big pin collectors so that was the first thing on our list.  We got 2 cute pins, one with Mickey and one with Minnie:

Disney cruise to alaska

We also got the Alaskan Christmas ornament (this is something I get every trip we go on).  Our main Christmas tree is quickly becoming a “travel tree.”  I have a separate Disney tree in my dining room.  You’ll see some additional ornaments I got at the Alaska ports later in the trip report. 

Disney Cruise to Alaska

We also got the 2018 Disney Alaska blanket:

Disney Cruise to Alaska


After we finished browsing around the gift shop, it was time to change for our Palo brunch so we headed back to the room to get ready.  We arrived at Palo at 12:00 noon and were seated quickly at a table by the window.   Our server took us up to the buffet to show us everything available:

Disney Cruise to Alaska


Disney Cruise to Alaska

Disney Cruise to Alaska

Disney Cruise to Alaska

Disney Cruise to Alaska

Disney Cruise to Alaska

Disney Cruise to Alaska

Disney Cruise to Alaska

Disney Cruise to Alaska


When we got back to the table our server took our drink orders (you get a complimentary champagne or mimosa with your brunch).  Eddie got a mimosa and I got Prosecco.  We were given the a la carte menu to decide what we wanted next:

palo a la carte menu


I always get the Parmesan Crusted Chicken at Palo….it’s so good I just can’t bring myself to get something else!

chicken parm palo

Eddie got the Roasted Red Snapper Filet and really liked it (I forgot to take a pic!).  Our server also brought us a Calzone to try (no pic).  

After that, we went to the dessert buffet:

Disney Cruise to Alaska


Our server asked us if we wanted the Chocolate Lava Cake that they normally only serve at night in Palo and we said “Yes, please!” 

Disney Cruise to Alaska


While we were in Palo, the Captain made an announcement that we were getting ready to go through an area with some beautiful scenery so we might want to position ourselves to get a good view.  Lucky for us, we were right by the window so not only did we enjoy a fabulous meal, we also were surrounded by beauty outside! 

Disney Cruise to Alaska

As you can imagine, after all that food we were stuffed!!  It was about 1:30pm and we were going to walk outside for some pictures, but it started drizzling and was fairly cool.  We didn’t have our jackets on and were dressed in our nicer clothes, so we changed our minds.  We went back to the room to take a nap, hoping it would help us adjust to the time change and be able to stay up later to enjoy the adult activities.  We got back to the room and Hunter had planned to go see “Solo” in the movie theater at 1:45pm, but he was still waiting on room service to arrive (he had ordered around 1:10pm).  I asked why he waited to call it in so late knowing he wanted to go see the movie….?  He said he didn’t think it would take long, lol. 

We woke up from our nap around 3:30pm and got ready to go sit in on the DVC Presentation in the D Lounge.  I looked into the Disney Vacation Club a few years ago, but we’ve never been to a presentation so we decided to go check it out.  Just for attending the presentation they gave us this limited edition Copper Creek pin:

Disney cruise to alaska


At the presentation they didn’t have time for individual questions, so you had to make an appointment if you wanted to learn more.  We didn’t make an appointment at this point, but did later on in the cruise.  Hunter stayed in the room and watched a movie while we were at the presentation.


The presentation concluded at 5:00pm, so we went back to the room to get ready for Formal Night!  We got ready pretty quick and went to get our picture with Mickey in his tux before dinner.  The Captain’s Welcome Reception was also going on, where we enjoyed the free adult beverage service while we waited in line for pics:

Disney Cruise to Alaska

Picture with Mickey:

Disney Cruise to Alaska


Eddie always likes to do some crazy things in his pictures….here he’s pretending to tell Mickey to wait, he needs to take a phone call, lol. 


Disney Cruise to Alaska

Our dinner tonight was in Animator’s Palate.  I must not have taken any pictures of our meal tonight, probably because we ate the same thing we always eat at Animator’s!  lol  So the pics below are old pics from another cruise.  

For the appetizer, I always get the Black Truffle Pasta Pursettes.  Me and the girls love these, but the guys don’t like them?!  They are nuts!

pasta pursettes

For my meal:  Pennete Bolognese & toasted garlic ciabatta

I didn’t get pics of what Hunter and Eddie got, but Hunter got the Sirloin Steak and Eddie got the Ginger-Teryaki dusted Angus Beef Tenderloin.   They both enjoyed their meal.   

They also came by our dinner table for more pics:

Disney Cruise to Alaska


Sorcerer Mickey came by to visit:

disney cruise to alaska

After dinner we went out for more pics in our formal wear and we may have grabbed another adult beverage from the late reception going on, lol.  Our pics:

Disney Cruise to Alaska

The show tonight was the Golden Mickeys, which we love, but have seen several times now.   The guys didn’t like being dressed up either, so we went to the room to change and went to the theater to see Beauty & the Beast (the movie). 

disney cruise to alaska
Buena Vista Theater

We’ve all seen it before and it’s a great movie.  I found myself struggling to stay awake…being in the dark theater and the time change was still wreaking havoc on me, lol.  I managed to stay awake until the end though and then we headed to Azure for “Snippets” (playing a clip from different tv shows and you would try to guess what they were) and then for the adult show:  Matt Baker (Juggling & Comedy Act).  Matt put on a great show and we were glad we stayed up for it!  The show ended at 11:00pm so we went back to our room to turn in for the night and get ready for our first port day!

Up next:  Day 3 in Icy Strait Point (Hoonah, Alaska). 


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